An interactive CPD Clinical Workshop covering Tracheostomy and Laryngectomy care. On completion of this workshop, those who attend will develop their knowledge and skills base in the following areas... 1) Developing an understanding how common tracheostomies are, and the key differences between a tracheostomy and laryngectomy. 2) Understand the principles of the anatomy of the neck relevant to a tracheostomy. 3) Understand common complication of tracheostomies. 4) Describe key differences between the different types of tracheostomy tubes. 5) Be able to assess for red flags. 6) Understand the key steps of the emergency management algorithm. 7) Understand how many tracheostomy problems can be avoided with good general tracheostomy care. 8) Understand the correct procedure for safe suctioning: Oral, oropharyngeal, tracheostomy. 9) Understand how speech can be promoted in those with a laryngectomy. 10) Understand the process involved in a tracheostomy tube change.



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