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At The CPD Register, we take CPD Accreditation seriously. This is why we ensure that all the CPD Accredited activities, providers and trainers listed on our directory have received their accreditation from a trustworthy, credible CPD Accreditation Organisation.

The CPD Register is open to all CPD providers and individual trainers, offering them an international, credible directory to promote their CPD offering. When submitting applications for listing on The CPD Register directory, a nominated CPD Accreditation Organisation must be entered as part of the application process for the listing to be successful.

Before listings can be approved, submitted, and listed in the directory, all nominated CPD Accreditation Organisations must also be endorsed ensuring the Accreditation criteria they use to verify CPD activities, providers, and trainers meets The CPD Register’s minimum international standards for CPD.

To ensure the highest quality listings, it is essential that CPD Accreditation Organisations are thorough in their assessment of CPD activities and providers, and this will form part of the verification process. We expect each CPD Accreditation Organisation to demonstrate a robust mapping exercise, moving away from the common ‘blanket’ approach to accreditation, assessing each activity, trainer or provider based on their own merits. It is our fundamental belief that users of The CPD Register are confident in the knowledge that all listings within the directory are of the highest standard and the CPD provision is fit for purpose, providing them with a quality, valuable learning experience

How can my CPD Accreditation Organisation apply to become an approved assessor?

There are two ways of becoming an approved CPD Accreditation Organisation on The CPD Register.

1.  You can be nominated by a CPD Provider accredited by your organisation who has submitted their services for listing on the register. In this case, we will contact your company to cooperate with us to carry out the relevant checks and complete the required documentation.

2. CPD Accreditation Organisations can nominate themselves if they believe they provide a legitimate CPD Accreditation Service. If you’d like to nominate yourself as a trusted accreditation provider, fill out this form:

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