The CPD Accreditation Service Limited - CPD Accreditation Service

The CPD Accreditation Service Limited - CPD Accreditation Service

Explanation as to why this organisation does not have a ranking:

The CPD Accreditation Service Limited are associated with the Training Provider “RM Clinics” (Roberts McCarron Clinics) as well as “The Aesthetics Guild” who sell aesthetics products.

The CPD Accreditation Services are not listed in our rankings because we believe that this a potential conflict of interest due to the above associations.

This company also does not have visible terms and conditions. We would expect all credible CPD accreditation services to have robust and up to date terms and conditions.

Further Information about this organisation
  • Companies House Number:  12837288
  • ICO Number:  No
  • Physical Office/Address Published:  Yes
  • Website:
  • Telephone:  No
  • Email:  Yes
  • Live Chat:  No
  • Pricing Published:  Yes
  • Accreditation Criteria Published:  No
  • Activities Individually Accredited:  Unknown
  • Review Frequency:  Unknown

Last Updated: 29th May 2024
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