Investigate Continuing Professional Development Accreditation

Do you have a concern or are unsure about a CPD course or CPD training provider?

The CPD Register was created to help consumers make informed choices and decisions when purchasing CPD Accredited Training. Our aim is to give you peace of mind that the CPD Activity you are looking to engage with or enrol on has been properly accredited by a robust accreditation organisation.

As the CPD Accreditation industry is non-regulated there are lots of 'so-called' Accreditation Organisations (visit our rankings page) essentially creating and selling a “CPD Accredited” Stamp or Logo without a robust review process in place. Because of this, it is often difficult for consumers to be certain that the CPD Activity they have purchased or looking to purchase has been reviewed and assessed to a high set of CPD standards.

Over the years, we have had many consumers come to us having paid thousands of pounds to a CPD training provider who have advertised that a course is CPD Accredited only to find out that the Accreditation has either lapsed, never actually taken place, is of a poor standard or is simply a fake accreditation.

At The CPD Register, we want to raise standards within the CPD industry as well as protect the consumer when purchasing CPD accredited activities. That's why we have worked closely with consumers and organisations that are using the CPD Register daily to investigate the legitimacy of Accredited CPD Activities and CPD Training Providers, some of which have led to criminal prosecution.

Organisations that we have worked with:

CPD Accreditation Organisations can also use The CPD Register as a tool to ensure that their customers are advertising their courses and CPD Activities correctly and in date by listing all their accredited customers onto The CPD Register.

The CPD Register is here to help!

With the above in mind, the CPD Register will support individuals and organisations who feel they have been a victim of false Accreditation or if they feel they have enrolled on or purchased a CPD Course or CPD Activity that has been advertised as CPD Accredited when it is not, by investigating any concerns that a CPD Consumer may have.

Although we are not able to take any formal action, we can carry out an independent investigation and report back to you with our findings and recommendations so as you can then make an informed choice as to what action you take if you feel further action is necessary.

What do we need to investigate your CPD concern?

As with all investigations, we need as much information as possible. If you can complete the form below, uploading as much evidence as possible which may include the following:

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Please provide us with as much information as possible so as we can carry out a thorough investigation on your behalf.

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Once you have submitted your concern in as much detail as possible, we will start to carry out a full and impartial investigation on your behalf. We may need to come back to you for further information, so please ensure all your details are correct.

If during our investigation we need to contact a 3rd party, such as an accreditation organisation for further clarification and information, we will not disclose your details without your prior written permission.

Please be assured, we take all investigations seriously and our dedicated team will perform a thorough investigation on your behalf and report back to you within 30 working days with a full overview and report of their findings along with any recommendations they feel are necessary. On some occasions investigations may take longer than this, but you will receive an update from us within the 30 working days.

From time to time following our investigation, we may need to inform the CPD Accreditation Organisations with our findings so they can take any action following our investigation. We will of course notify you if this action is necessary.

All investigation reports will be sent to the email address provided within 30 working days of submission to us.

Reports of concerns may be used for research purposes.

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