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Teaching Young Children to Communicate and Speak with ConfidenceCommunicating and Speaking with Confidence can be learnt at any age. If you can help your child to learn as a young child then you will find that their confidence to communicate will flourish and grow. It is a life skill that can help your children in so many situations from being a young child, older child, teenager to an adult.This online course is delivered through animated Video learning. It will be important that your child watches each video a few times to ensure they have understood and of course then practice. Each time your child will practice they will only get better. Learning this skill is like learning to ride a horse. Your child may struggle initially and it may just seem too hard but the more they practice, get their coordination right, their posture sorted, know how to use their voice, increase their confidence and slowly but surely it will feel natural to them and you will also find that as a parent you learn lots as well.There is no fixed time for how long this course will take. Let your young child work at a pace that works for them,make sure that they practice and if you do it with them, you will find that you will also learn lots.The older online course is taught through video and activity learning. There is no fixed time for how long this online course will take. At the end of the online course there is a little test for them to do and send to me


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