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This is an online Professional course meant for those who are thirsty to grow their leadership , management, entrepreneurship , marketing and other related expertise skills. The modules / lessons are taught by renowned professional experts in the Nordics as well as academic experts and licensed / registered professionals and the leading / main lecturer who is the master mind behind this program is the CEO of Ceci Educare Oy and has over the years been an outstanding and the only & first African serving a leading role as a Manager, Director, Head in all her ex work places in Finland. Her professional life has led her to mentoring 100's of people within and outside Finland. This course / training has segments where the learners will be championed with different learning skills, information and knowledge on how to navigate in a competing society in the business entity. They are created to give you career building knowledge , boost your confidence and help you to mastermind your professional journey. After an educational journey with us, you will be able to demonstrate a professional working life built on better strategies to pave ways for better career prospective.


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