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Krysia Johnson is our Master trainer here at Apsara. She has been a Permanent Makeup artist for over 18 years and gained her teaching qualification 10 years ago. Here at Apsara it is very important to us that you receive our full attention and get the most out of your training and this is why all our training courses are on a 1-1 basis to ensure maximum learning for our students. As all our courses are on a 1-1 basis they can be tailored to individual needs and capabilities. If you’re ready to make a leap toward a successful professional career and an abundant future, look no more! Our Academy is here to help with that and here to support you, guide you and answer any questions you may have. The first step is always the hardest, so take a breath in and send us a message today!


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Permanent Makeup Beginners Course

Credits: 35 Expires: 10 Oct 2024


Beginner’s Eyebrow Course

Credits: 50 Expires: 11 Mar 2025


Beginners Eyebrow and Lipblush course

Credits: 70 Expires: 27 Mar 2025


Beginners Lipblush Course

Credits: 50 Expires: 27 Mar 2025

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