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Welcome to GirlBoss Permanent Cosmetics Training in Wolverhampton. We offer the highest quality aesthetic salon services. Laura WoodWard is a highly respected SPMU Artist and SPMU Trainer, with a number of years experience. Laura's clients will receive the highest care throughout their treatment journey. Read on to learn all about the amazing services she provides to all of her valued customers. Laura welcomes all enquires wether you are hoping to take a SPMU training course or maybe considering a SPMU or Aesthetics filler treatment. GirlBoss Permanent Cosmetics are a CPD accredited training provider.


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Foundation dermal fillers Training

Credits: 45 Expires: 04 Apr 2024


Foundation & advanced dermal filler training

Credits: 35 Expires: 04 Apr 2024


Fat dissolving injections

Credits: 20 Expires: 04 Apr 2024

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