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We are a pioneering company with vast experience in Solar Engineering & Consultancy, Installation, Maintenance, Testing, and Commissioning. We offer to our clients a solid background in carrying out projects from the evaluation to the design phase through to the implementation and subsequent monitoring and maintenance in residential buildings, commercial buildings, and farms. Additionally, we provide solar energy system solutions from residential to utility-scale at their early stage of the design process to inform further development of the design and construction. This helps to evaluate and prioritize options for reducing energy demand cost-effectively. Furthermore, we provide solar energy products that can supply electricity and other energy carriers such as heat and/or water. Moreover, we can offer end-user services direct to customers by establishing experienced and highly qualified engineers. Following increased calls from the Renewables Sector for more qualified professionals to operate in the Solar Energy industry, we also provide Continuing Professional Development Courses in a range of different fields such as solar energy and energy management.


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