The Accreditation Association - CPD Accreditation Service

The Accreditation Association - CPD Accreditation Service

Explanation as to why this organisation does not have a ranking:

The term accreditation is known as a “sensitive word” which means you have to seek approval to use the term in a company name. The Accreditation Policy Team at the Office for Product Safety and Standards have confirmed to us that they approved for The Accreditation Association to use the term “accredited.” However, Companies House refused the use of the word “Association” to be included in their company name therefore, The Accreditation Association Limited was never listed on Companies House as a registered company name.

The Office for Product Safety and Standards informed us that the company was then subsequently registered under the name “The Accreditation Company Limited - 12705198” due to the afore mentioned restrictions. This company is now dissolved (August 2023).

However, the website for this company is still active and is trading in the name of “The Accreditation Association” as a sole trader, not a limited company.

This company also has no terms and conditions present on their website. We would expect a reputable Accreditation Organisation to have these in place.

The Accreditation Association also sell training materials themselves, which we feel is a conflict of interest for those that are submitting their own courses for accreditation.

Further Information about this organisation
  • Companies House Number:  12705198 (Now Dissolved)
  • ICO Number:  No
  • Physical Office/Address Published:  No
  • Website:
  • Telephone:  No
  • Email:  No
  • Live Chat:  No
  • Pricing Published:  Yes
  • Accreditation Criteria Published:  No
  • Activities Individually Accredited:  Unknown
  • Review Frequency:  Unknown

Last Updated: 29th May 2024
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